Health Facility/Peer Review Database

Per Business and Professions Code Section 805.5, health care facilities or health care service plans shall, before granting or renewing privileges, request a report from the Medical Board as to whether a physician has been denied staff privileges or had those privileges removed or restricted. The Health Facility/Peer Review Reporting Database was developed to provide authorized users with the ability to perform a search of Board records in order to meet the mandate required under 805.5.

Authorized users can access the database using their existing LVS username and password. A table will be displayed which lists any licensee with an 805 report on file, sorted by license number.

PLEASE NOTE: California Business and Professions Code Section 805.5(b) prohibits the Medical Board from disseminating a copy of an 805 report "(1) if the denial, removal, or restriction was imposed solely because of the failure to complete medical records, (2) if the board has found the information reported is without merit, or (3) if a period of three years has elapsed since the report was submitted."

The table can be sorted by licensee name or license number.

  1. If the licensee's name is not on the table, no Health Facility/Peer Review reports have been filed with the Medical Board.
  2. If the licensee's name is found, the table will reflect the number of Health Facility/Peer Review reports on file.
  3. Use the standard protocol to request a copy of the report(s) by completing the "Request For Copy of 805 Report".

If you have any additional questions regarding the LVS System or the Health Facility/Peer Review Database, please contact Marco Armas at (916) 263-2482 or by email at

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